Eveline Hanson
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Evelines Thoughts

Start by doing what is necessary,

then do what is possible,

and suddenly you are doing

the impossible.


My home country:

Castle Neuschwanstein

King Ludwig the second

is pure love,
for love
is complete agreement.
_Lope de Vega

Castle Hohenschwangau
in my Hometown

Exitement(Devil''s Postpile)

Be not hurried away by exitment, but say, "Semblance, wait for me a little. Let me see what you are and represent...."

If Love would rule the world we would not need any law''s.

If you have never loved .You have never lived. If you have stoped learning. You have died.
January 16th 2003

(c)Fredrick Leighton
Love makes everything possible and the impossible possible.
(written in my mothers handbook)

The supreme happiness
of life
is the conviction
that we are loved.
Victor Hugo

Widow Kiss

Love is an irresistible desire
to be irresistibbly desired.
by Robert Frost

Too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice.
But for those who love,
Hours fly, flowers die, new days,
new ways pass by.
Sundial Inscription


All bells are ringing;
The sky is so golden
and blue and clear-
and before me lies your letter.
I send you my first kiss, beloved.
Robert Schuhman (1810-1856)
( c) by Waterhouse


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Thema: Thoughts of life


The air is invigorating-fresh, new.
My eyes soak up the beauty of Spring.
As She presents herself, wearing a new dress.
Flower buds peak through earth's softend shell.
The brown wintergrass is disappering.
The cycle of nature turning it green, like a carpet.
Bradford pears take the shape
Of a giant popcorn ball, sitting on a stem.
Clusters of bright yellow cover the Forsythia bush.
The air is filled with energy.
Songbirds are back from their journey farther south,
Looking for a home for their offspring.
Blubirds are claiming their old home.
Warm, inviting days increase in number,
Coaxing Nature to further unfold her beauty.
Daylight has shortend the nights.
Couples walk hand in hand in the park.
The beginning of new love??
Or rekindling old love?
A new season, new life-renewal of nature.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
(c) J.W. Waterhouse

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Hidden deep within ourselves we keep secrets,
Mysteries knowledge about our selves or others.
Not for view, or willing to share.
We box them away in our hearts
And  throw away the key.
For no one dares to unlock or intrude.
This knowledge we only have execess to,
Are we ashamed to reveal to others?
Or simply continue the methodes we learn to love.
Uncovered from our well concealed grounds
Skillfully avoiding any detection of our secrets.
We pretend and contribute to society with such manner
No one would detected that small box of secrets in our hearts.
Is this treasure  a monster, or a tresure chest?
Only we can see treasure in it.........
Carrying such heavy load will wear us down, ..........eventually.
 We have to come to terms with ourselves.
Eveline Elisabeth Hanson


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Painful memories come back
Each time the door closes behind you.
Quietly you left, no whispered words.
Not knowing if you'll return,
Withdrawn from the love I need,
I am left with uncertain feelings.
Helpless, like a child who was left behind,
Wondering if  protecting arms
Will be there to comfort me again.
The face of my father comes to mind.
His memory has never left me.
As I think of past loves who have
Freed themselves from any claim
Of my love, the love I had given so deeply.
Loneliness overcomes me.
Weakened by these mournful thoughts,
I reach inside my self,
Pulling all the invisible strings together, to mend a rope.
With all the effort I have, I climb up to surface again.
My thoughts become the finest brushes of a painter,
Dabbing into the brightest colors, and transforming
The dark canvas of life into golden colors.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
(c)John W. Waterhouse



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Somewhere in this world of ours
Wonders a lonely soul like mine.
With each precious moment of the day,
And through all weary hours.
With each wasted passing moment,
I search for that lonely soul.
To blend with mine, to make it whole.
The day we meet and we become as ONE.
Life´s long search has come to an end.
I´ll merge with you, long nights over,
Looking forward to eternal days.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
(c) by winged _aneli

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As sure as the day light breaks and the world is new,
I miss you.
As sure as streams flow to the ocean to meet there destiny,
I miss you.
As sure as seasons come and go,
I miss you.
As sure as the stars and moon will glow at night,
I miss you.
When crowded cities become quiet and I walk in solitude,
I miss you.
I miss your hand beside my own.
A glimpse of your eyes, so sure I understand you,
The feeling of your sheltering arms,
I miss you.
When all my thoughts merge and you become part of me,
I still miss you.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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The sound of music ignites the flame of memory,
Unforgettable moments of passion.
Every song, every note I hear,
Brings back the delicious taste of your first kiss.
Still lingering on my lips is the wonderful sensation
Of our lips touching, soft, joyful ecstacy.
I hear your whispered longings in my ear.
Melted by the touch of your fingertips,
My heart hopefully yearns.
I´m swept away within your tender embrace.
Passion, my heart overflows. Such torture, such joy.
Time stands still during these moments.
Lost in moments of joy,  lost but not alone.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

( c) Frederick Leighton

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Feelings struggle within me,
Feelings of right or wrong.
Enemy or Friend?
Temptation strolls alongside our lives.
Luring, waiting around the corner
To win us over.
It offers us appealing enticments.
I have followed temptaion many times.
Traveled the trail to promised treasures.
Conscience, the great worrier,
Fights for the cause of right,
Points out the consequences of my weakness,
The possibility of being deceived.
I dislike the struggle I feel inside of me,
Like a vine overpowering a beautiful plant,
Temptation wrestles with my consciences.
Provoking, reaching inside of a bottomless bowl,
Providing me with the unthinkable possibilies.
Presumptuously, my consciens will win,
And not let the temptation be my friend.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

(c) William Waterhouse

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The stage awaits when we are born.
We learn to alter ourselves to impress,
Performing behind a beautiful mask.
Behind the cover of our face,
We slip into another phase.
Happiness we display,
When sadness wears the crown.
The roles we play in lives big stage,
Are difficult, and we invent.
New tricks and thoughts we hide our pain.
Like a clown, with a happy mood;
We let no one intrude.
Disguised to hide our tragedies,
Not to reveal our lonely soul!

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
(c) by F.Leighton  

Eveline 25.01.2004, 16.12 | (0/0) Kommentare | TB | PL


The door closed quielty behind you.
You had to leave like so many times before.
The sound of your footsteps disappering in the distance.
Quitness fills the room.
I only hear the sound of my heart beat.
Stolen moments of happiness, being with you.
Like a child, covering my self with this invisible blanket.
Comfort, with thoughts of you.
Like a sand castle I once built,
But only have it swept away by the waves.
My time with you vanished so quickly.
I cherish the moments of our laughter,
As we share a silly joke.
Your face is with me, with a twinkle in your eyes.
Your stern look when we discussed world affairs.
I hear music and remember the songs we share.
I love the times when your hand gently strokes my hair.
The feeling of being wanted, when you gaze into my eyes.
Oh, those stolen moments of happiness!
Circumstances, distance keeps us apart.
Time has the answer.
Everything will fall in its place,
And I will not be left behind!

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

(c) by winged_aneli

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Like a sword your tongue can cut,
Guard the manner in which you speak.
Words should sound mild and fair,
Soft, like the summer air.
Words come from your heart and mind;
Don´t let them be unkind.
Words can feel like a dart,
Piercing, your very heart.
Keep out of your mind anger and hate.
Your mind will be at ease.
Keep only words of love and care,
Your heart will be at peace.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
(c) by winged_anelli

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with roses (William  Whitacker)

Beauty enters your heart through all the senses, and beauty grows stronger when more than one of the senses is involved.
Thomas Kinkade

Just like the falling rainbow, Just like the stars in the sky, Life should never feel small.

Pleasure comes from without, and joy comes from within, and it is, therefore, within reach of everyone in this world.
-Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

 Love is a short word but It contains everything. Love means the body, the soul, the life, entire being.
by Guy de Maupassant 

The art of beeing happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.
_Henry Ward Beecher

Life is the flower of which LOVE is the HONEY.

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist''s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the COLOR OF LOVE.


(c)winged anelli

Don''t ever give up your dreams...........
and never leave them behind.
Find them, make them yours,
and all through your life, cherish them,
and never let go of them.