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Evelines Thoughts

Start by doing what is necessary,

then do what is possible,

and suddenly you are doing

the impossible.


My home country:

Castle Neuschwanstein

King Ludwig the second

is pure love,
for love
is complete agreement.
_Lope de Vega

Castle Hohenschwangau
in my Hometown

Exitement(Devil''s Postpile)

Be not hurried away by exitment, but say, "Semblance, wait for me a little. Let me see what you are and represent...."

If Love would rule the world we would not need any law''s.

If you have never loved .You have never lived. If you have stoped learning. You have died.
January 16th 2003

(c)Fredrick Leighton
Love makes everything possible and the impossible possible.
(written in my mothers handbook)

The supreme happiness
of life
is the conviction
that we are loved.
Victor Hugo

Widow Kiss

Love is an irresistible desire
to be irresistibbly desired.
by Robert Frost

Too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice.
But for those who love,
Hours fly, flowers die, new days,
new ways pass by.
Sundial Inscription


All bells are ringing;
The sky is so golden
and blue and clear-
and before me lies your letter.
I send you my first kiss, beloved.
Robert Schuhman (1810-1856)
( c) by Waterhouse


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Thema: Thoughts of life


Every time I think of you,
I close my eyes and see your face.
My mind becomes on empty space,
When I pretend you are next to me,
I can hardly breathe.
I surrender in innocence and tenderness.
I am lost every time I think of you.
Every moment we are apart,
I still remember gentle,
Softley whispered words.
You tell me what it means.
It is not a dream.
You are in my heart for a lifetime.
I'm lost every time I think of you.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
c (Edmund Blair-Leighton)

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Breathlessly I wait, every ounce of my being
Anticipating to hear from you, with familiar
Words and phrases, you are long gone from my side.
Not from my mind, still remembering all there was.
I imagine you standing there,
Staring far into the depths of your soul.
What have you been thinking?
How could you have choosen another?
Tearfully I recall your ill-fated decision.
How could you have chosen another?
Was it her steel blue eyes that led you go astray?
Promised a more fullfilled life with her?
But how would you have known?
I arose from my chair staring in to the distance,
Thoughts flash by me, my heart beats furiously.
As the bell breaks the silence ----a letter.
My finger tremble as I open your letter,
I can read between the lines that you still care.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

Eveline 26.09.2005, 20.13 | (0/0) Kommentare | TB | PL


Looking down on my feet as they take a rest
Fom a hectic day when they did their best.
If they could talk, what story they would tell
Of traveling over this big wide world.
In the Bavarian Alps it all began,
Where they took there first steps thru childhood and youth.
I love to remember the places I have been,
Taken there by my traveling feet.
Italy, Chianti wine and pasta, the Mediterranean,
Culture at its best.
I could never forget places like that.
Austria and Swizterland, mountains of majestic beauty,
Snow, the green grass when seasons change.
Paris, romance, paintings and French cuisine.
I always remember places like Spain,
Where Matadores match their courage with the bull.
How sad it is the beast never wins.
England, Irland with their huge estates,
A different kind of beauty I must say.
From the Land of Smiley's Thailand and Japan,
I will never forget when we walked
Near the path of the River Kwai.
I thought I heard soldiers cry.
Hawaii, the door to the far East,
Surrounded by water and beaches of black sand.
Spewed there by the eruption of vulcanoes.
My toes curled in the sand of Hawaii,
Then cooled in the water so clear.
I watched as colorful fish swam near.
Waves, so high I thought I could master,
And almost lost my life in the mighty water.
From Calgary to Winnipeg,
O"er the untouched beauty of Canada's
Wild range where buffalo roams,
I felt like a gnome.
My feet carried me from North to South,
To see the old mighty river known as the Queen.
As I landed in New Orleans, my blood started boiling,
My feet danced and stomped
To the sound of the Blues, with Jazz in between.
And I gathered the beads, in the streets of New Orleans.
All these memories, thanks to my traveling feet.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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Mild and damp was the night, stars illuminated the sky.
Rain had saturated the ground.
The air was filled with the tuning of violins,
Overpowering other instrument from the orchestra.
Their sounds flowed from the stage,
And covered the ground like a blanket.
The intermittent flashes of lightening bugs
Cast a romantic glow as they danced among the crowed.
A sudden silence reigned as the conductor stood.
Sweet sounds of melodies filled the air.
My soul became nourished with memories.
Your hand moved slowely over the arm of the chair,
Searching for mine, holding it gentely.
Moments of past and present crystalized.
My eyes were fixed on the orchestra
As its members lured an enticing symphony
From their instruments.
A single spark of emotion, well preserved,
Was intensified by the touch of your hand.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson


Eveline 13.06.2005, 13.59 | (0/0) Kommentare | TB | PL


Weeks have passed, I cannot write,
Not a word in black on white.
Trails of thoughs are bundled up inside,
Events, sickness and death.
I can not make sense of these thoughts.
My mind is wrapped in chains,
Suffocating, chocking.
I am unable to find the key to express myself,
To loosen the links of the chains.
My thoughts will not trnasform into sentences.
This inability to write depresses me.
Questions of my inner feelings haunt me.
What is it that makes me feel this way?
Am I so emotionless that I cannot transform
Feelings on paper?
I search my soul, my heart, my mind.
Recent events have left me confused.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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The white linen beneath me is stained red.
Like a bull's eye, it seems to stare at me.
My eyes stay fixed upon it.
I can feel blood flowing out of my body.
Uncontrorllable shaking rages through me.
I am cold inside, freezing cold.
Nurses rush in; needles are placed in my arm.
Wires are attached to my body; monitors are blinking.
Medical terms enter my ears.
Blood transfusion, operation. I am scared.
Family and friends are still with me.
I am tired, very tired.
Too afraid to sleep. I might not wake up.
Thoughts run through my mind.
I pray, Dear Lord, let me survive.
Blood, precious liquid of life.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

Clytie(Frederic Leighton)

Eveline 13.12.2004, 21.21 | (1/0) Kommentare (RSS) | TB | PL


Pear shaped drops of transparent salty liquid overflow my eyes.
Dampen my skin, as they run down my face.
Uninterrupted is the flow, motioned by sadness, happiness,
Grief, anger and frustration of defeat.
And my desperation of not able to control my outburst of pain.
Many times I have filled the cup of this precious liquid ..........tears.
Each tear a statment of unspoken words.
Released with emotion of display,
I embrace my self, of being able,
To let go of my most inner feelings.
Wounded by motionless poeple,
Attacked by there ruthless and selfish behavior.
Penetrating my soul.
Tears, precious liquid, relieve of emotions.
Expression of human being.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson


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Silent on the table stand
Tarnished stands the little bell.
The wooden handle worn dull,
The time has come, when she will shine.
Polished bright in the candle light.
Loving hands will bring her to live.
To lure the sweetest sound from her,
For just a few moment's
Because Christmas is here.
She is the one, to onnounce the time of joy.
Smiling faces, laughter and hugs,
Carollin, singing, jumping with joy.
Christmas is here, she will give it her all.
And silently she will stand again,
For the rest of the coming year.
She has learned to wait for only this time
With her ring, to announce the Christmas time.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

Eveline 17.11.2004, 02.48 | (0/0) Kommentare | TB | PL


I have forgiven you.........but I don't forget.
Deep inside me, in hibernation,
Lies the memory of my past.
It surface on occasions.
Where I once felt responsible,
I have now forgiven myself.
I have exhaled the anger I once felt,
You can no longer hurt me;
I cut the invisible cord, what tied me to you.
I am free of your control.
I allowed room for your error's and your weakness.
I have Forgiven You.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

(Frederic Leighton)

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How can you paint a soul?  I ask.
It must be impossible task.
The canvas, white and blank like a sheet
It came to live, as I watched him paint.
With grace and a smile and movements so lite,
I saw poetry painted, as the image came alive.
The finest brushes did not do justes.
Of  the face emerged so complete.
My emotions were stirred.
It wasn't the colores that took my breath.
I could see so much more.
Eyes of compession, strength, and love.
Creases on his brow,
A sligth darkend sorrow marked his face,
Were evidence of worry and life's struggles.
Created by his hands, where words would fail,
The painting bared his soul.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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with roses (William  Whitacker)

Beauty enters your heart through all the senses, and beauty grows stronger when more than one of the senses is involved.
Thomas Kinkade

Just like the falling rainbow, Just like the stars in the sky, Life should never feel small.

Pleasure comes from without, and joy comes from within, and it is, therefore, within reach of everyone in this world.
-Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

 Love is a short word but It contains everything. Love means the body, the soul, the life, entire being.
by Guy de Maupassant 

The art of beeing happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.
_Henry Ward Beecher

Life is the flower of which LOVE is the HONEY.

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist''s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the COLOR OF LOVE.


(c)winged anelli

Don''t ever give up your dreams...........
and never leave them behind.
Find them, make them yours,
and all through your life, cherish them,
and never let go of them.