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Evelines Thoughts

Start by doing what is necessary,

then do what is possible,

and suddenly you are doing

the impossible.


My home country:

Castle Neuschwanstein

King Ludwig the second

is pure love,
for love
is complete agreement.
_Lope de Vega

Castle Hohenschwangau
in my Hometown

Exitement(Devil''s Postpile)

Be not hurried away by exitment, but say, "Semblance, wait for me a little. Let me see what you are and represent...."

If Love would rule the world we would not need any law''s.

If you have never loved .You have never lived. If you have stoped learning. You have died.
January 16th 2003

(c)Fredrick Leighton
Love makes everything possible and the impossible possible.
(written in my mothers handbook)

The supreme happiness
of life
is the conviction
that we are loved.
Victor Hugo

Widow Kiss

Love is an irresistible desire
to be irresistibbly desired.
by Robert Frost

Too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice.
But for those who love,
Hours fly, flowers die, new days,
new ways pass by.
Sundial Inscription


All bells are ringing;
The sky is so golden
and blue and clear-
and before me lies your letter.
I send you my first kiss, beloved.
Robert Schuhman (1810-1856)
( c) by Waterhouse


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Thema: Fairy thoughts


GAIA, Goddess of our Earth,  sadly  watches over her beloved Globe.
Wilted trees, crown her head, carrying a heavy burden. As she looks down on her Empire. Concern of humanity's misuses creases her face.
Her precious domain is suffering. Clouds of worries gathering, she is aware of humans weakness.
She crosses her arms over her chest, clutching what has survived to her.
Weeping over the thoughless actions mankind has inflicted.
Tucked under her wings, are her beloved species. Sheltered,  comforted and protected by her presences.
Gaia, Mother Earth, she will bring the rainbow of hope. With all her strength, she will rectify man's errors.
And in believe in that, and understanding we will preserve this precious world.
Let us learn of senseless destruction, and determine to protect our world we live in.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
(c) Josephine Wall ( english artist)

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Fairie's hurry to meet tonight, to dance the ballet of the Spider Web.
The air is filled with pin feathered wings, as the Fairy's twirl in.
Illumineted by the moon and stars, their dresses glow in the dark.
Satin- like wings come to rest as they gather on the outskirts of the web.
Silence, like at the drop of a hat, as the first Fairy bowes to begin her dance.
Graceful like a swan, she flowes over the webs;  it was magic to see her dance.
She spins around and jumps up in the air, she tiptoes like no one ever before.
Flights of fancy she performed so well, her pierce sat aside
Their faces glowed under her spell.
She turned the web into a badmiton set, at times she used it as a trampoline net.
Her joyful dance stops very sudden. She broken the web!
From the hidden circel of Web, the spider came out with an angry face.
He thrusts his hairy legs into the air and shouts,
"Leave, and never return and destroy my domain!"
Fearfully,  her head dropped to her chest,  The Fairy draws upon her courage.
She simply wraps her wings around him and whispers,
 "Forgive me, it will never happen again ".
With her enchanting smile, she wiped the spider's worries away.
Possessed by her charm, he can not resist to see her delightful dance again.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson
( C)by Sewdoll

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My window looks upon a world gloomy and grey. Piercing winds chill the air, blowing over the rigged frost covered grounds.     
People are bundled up in hats and coats. Small trails of dwindling smoke escapes from there mouths, as they rush to find a warm place.
No sounds of  songbirds fill the air, only sparrows sit with there heads tucked in there feathers, as they wait for a proffered crumb.
Trees have lost there folaige, in silence they stand. Grim are there looks, like old men in prayer. In the far distance a train whistle, weary and tiered is the sound. Smoke pours from chimneys and fills the grey air.
Winter has gripped the earth , and left it hard and numb. Relentless there is no doubt, Spring will come agian. With the wonder of nature to bring blossom to earth again.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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You wear your Autumn dress so well; 
Your stay will be short to do your task.
And quickly you will change the land.
Just like a storm in all her fury,
You strip the trees of their foliage.
Like feathers, leaves fall to the ground
To become as ONE with the earth again.
Shorter are the days, longer the nights.
The sun is losing her strenght.
Telephone lines are clustered with birds,
Gathering for their journey south.
Fog lies over the ground like a ghostly veil.
Until the peaked sun will scare it away.
The course of Nature has taken its place
To prepare this earth once more.
For winter to come,
To bless us with another season.
(c) Kinkade
Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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Lady Summer has awakened from her winter nap. The fragrance of sweetness surrounds her. She walks torward Little Spring and takes her by her hand as they walk slowly to the gate.
She runs her hand gently over Little Springs hair, comforting her with softly spoken words.
" Don´t worry, my child. I will finish what you have began."
I know your stay seemed short, for you are so young and full of energey."
Lady Summer points with her hand to the far horizon.
"My pleasure will be to finish your work. I will coax flowers into full bloom. The trees I will cover with luscious green. Mother earth will flourish with the richest coat of colors as far as the eye can see.
The sun will kiss the earth so strong. A rainbow will follow the rain and the thirsty earth will soak up the rain to bloom all over again.
You see, my child, I´m much stronger than you. That is way I am here today-to finish the work you have began.
When my part is done, Fall will take my hand and lead me to the same gate.
With trusting eyes Litlle Spring looks upon Lady Summer´s face as they embrace.
" Go now, and take your rest, for after Fall, comes Winter´s sleep. It will take all of your youth and renewed energy to awaken the sleeping earth. Until we meet again.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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The Spring Fairy.

She comes down from the heavenly garden
Every year in her splendorous mood
With golden hair and her beautiful glow.
She whirls around and shakes her hair.
Lush flowers fall to the ground.
She sprinkles with her hands colors so bright
And wraps the rigid earth in a blanket of delight.
Roses and bushes are in beautiful bloom.
Where she unfolds her silken wings with grace
The heavenly smell of spring has taken its place.
She looks down on earth with a smile so sweet
Once more I dressed you earth, until next spring.

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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Deep in the forest as the morning light breaks, the dew is still covering the leaves and grass, and the flowers bow as though raindrops have been pounding their heads.
Before the sun rises high, and everything will be bright and dry, little fairies are gathering in a meadow.
They whisper as they gather, and their little wings are shine in the early morning light. Hurriedly, they form a ring and there is silence.
There eyes are looking upon to a big leaf, where a fairy with a crown of flowers in her hair has taken a seat. As she starts speaking passionately, her wings flutter to the rhytm to her speech. She is unhappy. Her tiny fingers point into the forest. Her pears nod their heads, agreeing and applouding. Then, as quickly as they came, they fly away.
The message is out, and they must pass it on.
"MAN" is comming! We must hurry to find a way to guard our home. MAN would destroy the beauty of the forest, where we find freedom, serenity, and peace.
"We must not let it come to that."

Eveline Elisabeth Hanson

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with roses (William  Whitacker)

Beauty enters your heart through all the senses, and beauty grows stronger when more than one of the senses is involved.
Thomas Kinkade

Just like the falling rainbow, Just like the stars in the sky, Life should never feel small.

Pleasure comes from without, and joy comes from within, and it is, therefore, within reach of everyone in this world.
-Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

 Love is a short word but It contains everything. Love means the body, the soul, the life, entire being.
by Guy de Maupassant 

The art of beeing happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.
_Henry Ward Beecher

Life is the flower of which LOVE is the HONEY.

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist''s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the COLOR OF LOVE.


(c)winged anelli

Don''t ever give up your dreams...........
and never leave them behind.
Find them, make them yours,
and all through your life, cherish them,
and never let go of them.